Tuesday, 28 September 2010

IF.: Transportation

This picture was made for a little story about Miss Ocular who went to a specific bookshop to buy her specific book which took her on a magical journey.
The little story is only in Hungarian, written by a dear friend of mine. This is only my rough translation of it.

I though the pic would fit to IF`s new topic, too.

Miss Ocular`s utopia

-Hallo! Punktum bookshop?
-Yes, precisely.It is indeed.What do you like?
- Nothing. I don`t like anything. Could you help me?
- Yes. We can help in anything as we are precisely specialized in anything.
-I am looking for a shop where I finally can get one book.
- You are lucky, you can get precisely one book at ours.
- The shop is precisely where the book is, isn`t it?
- You are lucky again. Certainly it is there.
- I would have an important question: this is definitely my book, isn`t it?
-Come over, please and you will see. It has been waiting only for you for a while.
- I am very happy now. Well then, I will be there tomorrow morning precisely when you open.
-Come over, we definitely will have time to speak with you in the morning. Lucky enough, there will be a coffee latte and an armchair waiting for you. The book has been put aside. It`s yours.
- I will be right there.

The following day in the shop Miss Ocular - after having a coffee - put the huge, hard book cover on her back, she waved them as if they were light weight wings. She took cover behind the soft pages so she only stick her nose up with her wobbly glasses on the top of it like a wind screen and she took off wherever the book carried her. Soon she was only a tiny blue spot on the sky.

Miss Ocular utópiája

- Háló? Punktum Könyvesbolt?
- Igen kérem, ez pont az! Mi tetszik?
- Semmi. Semmi nem tetszik. Tudnak segíteni?
- Igen. Bármiben tudunk segíteni, mert mi pont bármire szakosodtunk.
- Egy boltot keresek, ahol lehet végre egy könyvet kapni.
- Szerencséje van, nálunk pont lehet egy könyvet kapni.
- De ugye a bolt pont ugyanott van, ahol a könyv?
- Megint szerencséje van. Persze, pontosan ugyanott.
- Lenne egy fontos kérdésem: ugye ez pont az én könyvem?
- Jöjjön el érte, kérem, és meglátja. Pont magát várja egy ideje.
- Most nagyon boldog vagyok. Akkor reggel pontban nyitáskor ott vagyok érte.
- Jöjjön, mi pont ráérünk magával beszélgetni reggel. Épp tejeskávé is lesz, meg egy fotel. A könyvet pedig eltettük. A magáé.
- Repülök.

Miss Ocular a boltban másnap a kávé után hátára vette a nagy, kemény borítókat, meglengette őket, mintha csak pillekönnyű szárnyak lennének. Az ellenszél elől behúzódott a puha lapok közé, hogy csak az orrát dugta ki előre, azon a billegő szemüvegét, mint egy szélvédőt és elindult arra, amerre a könyv vitte őt. Nemsokára már csak egy kicsi kék folt volt az égen...


  1. how great is this....a book can take you anywhere can't it......lovely illustration too!! xx

  2. Oh, I definitely want to read it too. How very imaginative. Looks like the written page is her wrap as well. Fun. you absolutely have to translate for us. Definitely got my attention no! thank you so much for your contribution here! :)

  3. Wonderful drawing...love the book for wings:)

  4. Fantastic drawing....I love being whisked away by a book! Love all your other work too...I've only just found your blog but am here to stay :)x

  5. Wow - this is fantastic... I have to say I love everything about this! The colors, the linework, the washes, the whimsy... Just great!

  6. This is an adorable piece. I love the book and her flowing red hair....great coat, too! she's wearing a book...you must translate the story for us! How cute!

  7. Great job. Welcome to our group. I think this is your first entry. I cannot draw, just a painter.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Oh this is just over the top..... so darling and whimsical.... love it.

  9. What a great idea because stories do take us away. And I love the name Miss Ocular!

  10. cute drawing Anita, it also made me think of Harry Potter.

  11. Miss Ocular is fantastic! I love the look of her: bright red hair, round glasses, pointy lips, and a book for wings. Magical.

  12. Anita, I love this! The book is especially true to life looking! I can tell you spent ages on it! :)

  13. Oh goodness! She is darling and definetly starting an adventure! Thank you for sharing her!

  14. Really wonderful work. I love the story and what you did for her coat. Really beautiful.

  15. Very fancy! I love your technique. <3

  16. clever and so lovely idea <3!

  17. this is great-I like her paper-textured cape!