Wednesday, 15 August 2012

An other/Masik

Szinten egy regi otlet alapjan...
Again, using an old sketch...


Now, something completely different...redrawn from a very old sketch.

Es most valami teljesen mas...egy regi rajzbol ujra feldolgozva.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

New books are coming!

Yoga sequences for youngsters through story and rhyme. 
A beautifully composed rhyming yoga story for children written by Juliette Oliver.
The pleasure was mine to create the illos to this lovely jungle story.
Watch this space - for more info please visit

New books on their ways :)

"Why do we always eat bananas?" 
A charming family story of Kyle and Nyla who find out all about different kind of bananas.
A lovely story written by Leona Vernon, out this Autumn.
Watch this space!!!

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

IF: Forward (Yoga Jungle - Archer)

Just a quick sketch from our new yoga book for children. I thought it also would fit this week`s IF topic. Tell us what you think :)))

Yoga Jungle - Tree



Christmas Shopping/Karacsonyi vasarlas

I have just realised that I forgot to upload my Christmas card designs. I know the season has passed already, but oh, well - pictures can be fun to look at, no matter the weather! :)

Christmas Angel/Karacsonyi Angyal


Spotty Father Xmas/Pottyos Telapo