Saturday, 13 February 2010


  1. The ideal of this picture came from a Canadian illustrator, Peter Whalley. Taken from the cover of the August 16, 1958 issue of Maclean's Magazine, Whalley's cartoon illustrates the enormous difference a generation makes in the experience of the seasons. There is a huge colourful image of frolicking kids --probably taken from Whalley's own childhood memories-- in contrast with the dull black-and-white tableau of the tv-addicted boys of the 1950s (see picture) is a perfect mute comment on technological change and the loss of innocence, issues that continue to preoccupy us today.
    The Marjanucz children are no different nowadays. However, I have to add,such family evenings like watching `Cat City (original title :Macsakafogo)` together with all 6 siblings can be great fun!

  2. Please see link for Peter Whalley`s picture from 1958.